How to Manage Digestive Issues and Internal Heat in Children?

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Parents are always very concerned about their children's physical health, because if children have physical problems, it will have a serious impact on their normal physical development. Most of the children's gastrointestinal digestive system is not fully developed, so if they suddenly eat a lot, they are prone to problems of indigestion and internal heat. Here are a few tips for parents to help solve the problem of indigestion and internal heat in children.

Methods to Help Solve the Problem of Indigestion and Internal Heat in Children

1. Improve Dietary Habits

When a child has indigestion, parents should not feed them as they did before. They should make appropriate changes to their diet, such as eating light porridge. If the child's indigestion is severe, it is necessary to temporarily stop eating. Once the child's symptoms ease a little, they can eat light and easy-to-digest foods, combined with water suhu, which can help clear the indigestion and regulate the spleen and stomach. Parents should not neglect these basic common sense.

2. Exercise Therapy

Indigestion in children often occurs when they do not exercise after meals. Since children's spleen and stomach function is far inferior to adults, it is best to take them out for a walk after meals. If a child experiences abdominal bloating, indigestion, or loss of appetite, it may be due to indigestion. It is important to take them for regular weekly exercise, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, improve food digestion rate, and prevent the occurrence of indigestion.

3. Tuina Therapy

Tuina therapy for children is a relatively healthy and acceptable method. Typically, the spleen meridian is chosen for massage, which is located on the radial side of the thumb, extending from the fingertip to the base of the finger. Pushing from top to bottom along this meridian can help digest food by tonifying the spleen, which is beneficial for digestion and relatively simple and easy to learn.