Why Is My Chest Sore Recently?

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There are various reasons for chest pain. If it occurs during puberty, it is due to the normal physiological phenomenon of development-related soreness. Besides, chest pain may also be caused by hormonal secretion during menstruation, and it is also normal during pregnancy. However, it is essential to be vigilant about breast pain caused by inflammation or hyperplasia.

1. Development-related Chest Pain

During puberty, mild soreness may occur during breast development, which is normal. As the breasts gradually mature, the soreness will disappear, so there is no need to panic. It is recommended to wear suitable underwear, relax, and avoid excessive stress.

2. Menstruation-related Chest Pain

Soreness may occur around three days before menstruation, and the symptoms will gradually ease after menstruation. However, not every menstrual cycle will cause this problem, and the degree of pain may vary from one cycle to another.

3. Pregnancy-related Chest Pain

During pregnancy, hormonal changes lead to a surge in estrogen production, causing the breasts to enlarge and become sore. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and some pregnant women may experience discomfort throughout their pregnancy. Generally, no treatment is required.

4. Breast Hyperplasia-related Chest Pain

Breast hyperplasia, characterized by chest pain and lumps, is common in women aged 30 to 50. The pain caused by this condition is usually not severe, and the location of the pain is not particularly deep.