How much does ECMO treatment cost per day?

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The cost of ECMO treatment is approximately 60,000 yuan for the initial use, and then around 1,000 yuan per day.

1. General Cost of ECMO Treatment

The cost of ECMO treatment is generally highest on the day of artificial lung implantation, mainly due to the cost of puncture tubing and membrane lung, which is approximately 60,000 yuan. Since the materials used are imported, the price is relatively expensive. However, the cost is not as high after that, and the general daily cost of using artificial lung is around 1,000 yuan. Given the high cost of usage, the price of importing such equipment is naturally more expensive.

2. Duration of ECMO Treatment

The duration of ECMO treatment depends on the individual, as ECMO is an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation technique. In essence, it is an extracorporeal artificial heart and lung that replaces the failing heart and lung in the human body. When the heart and lung function of the human body experiences severe failure, we need ECMO for replacement therapy to provide artificial heart and lung support. This allows the heart and lungs to rest and recover their functions. Once their functions have recovered, we can withdraw ECMO treatment. The duration of ECMO treatment can range from 48 hours to one to two weeks, depending on the patient's recovery. Generally, the earlier ECMO is withdrawn, the more beneficial it is for the patient.

3. Indications for ECMO

ECMO is indicated when the heart and lung functions of the patient have recovered. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when lung consolidation occurs, we can correct lung function failure through treatment. It is also indicated in cases of cardiogenic shock, myocardial damage, myocarditis, and heart necrosis.

4. Contraindications for ECMO

Contraindications for ECMO include patients who require anticoagulation therapy and those with potential severe chronic lung diseases. ECMO is not recommended for patients with terminal diseases without hope of recovery as it would be ineffective. Additionally, ECMO is not advisable for elderly patients or those with multiple organ failure syndrome.