What Should I Do If My Baby Has a Fever After Eating Too Much?

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The digestive system of a baby's intestines and stomach is not fully developed over time, so eating too much can cause food stagnation, which may also be accompanied by fever issues. Severe fever problems can potentially cause irreversible damage to the baby's brain nerves, and even lead to brain developmental dysfunction. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to this problem. So what should be done when a baby eats too much and has a fever?

1. Wipe with warm water to remove internal heat

When a baby eats too much and has a fever, reduce the baby's clothing appropriately to facilitate heat dissipation. You can also give the baby a warm bath and wipe the sides of the neck, underarms, groin, and other areas with warm water. Drinking plenty of water can replenish the water lost due to fever, promote metabolism, and remove some internal heat.

2. Take children's Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets

Children's Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets are mainly used to treat indigestion caused by food stagnation in children. They have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach and promoting digestion, making them a good common medication for treating food stagnation in children.

3. Adverse reactions of Xiaoer Huashi pills

The main side effect is diarrhea. Children with weak constitutions, pale tongues, and poor digestive function are more prone to functional diarrhea caused by the medication. Mild stomach pain and severe diarrhea may occur. After several episodes of diarrhea, children with good constitutions usually recover spontaneously after discontinuing the medication.

4. Avoid greasy food

When a baby eats too much and has a fever, it is advisable to avoid greasy food such as fried cakes, fried pork chops, fried steamed buns, cream cakes, fatty pork, mutton, oily chicken and duck soup, and various fried and greasy foods. Sweet foods should also be avoided, such as sugary drinks, ice cream, juice, canned fruits, honey, fruit candies, and chocolates, to prevent gastrointestinal dampness and heat that can affect appetite or cause bloating and indigestion, making it difficult for the illness to heal. It is also advisable not to use too much oil when stir-frying vegetables.